Dr. Who Disney Princess Cosplay Mashup is Spot On | Comic-Con …

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This year Amy Mebberson will be at the New York Comic-Con showcasing her most recent work that puts Disney Princesses in the spot-light. Amy Mebberson is known for her Disney pin-up drawings. She will be doing commisioned drawings at Comic-Con and selling new sketchbooks and also a new print on sale.

Disney Comic by Amy Mebberson

Dr. Who Disney Princess Cosplay Mashup is Spot On | The Disney …

"Artist Amy Mebberson who previously brought us amazing Dr. Who Muppets mashup and pens a weekly comic of Disney Princesss Fan Art is bringing her latest mashup to Comic-Con in NYC this week. It's a clever take on Disney Princesses …The Disney Blog"

Marvel Character Cosplay

 This year Comic-Con will be having a lot of famous artist, directors, creators, voice actors and more. Comic Artist Neal Adams will be there. Neal Adams is credited for working on Batman, Superman, X-Men, and many other Comic Books. Dave Gibbons will also be there, he is know for working on Watchmen, Superman, and Dr. Who. Of course a convention of this size has to go all out and have the famous Mr Stan Lee. For those of you who have lived under a rock for the past couple of decades, lets give you a run down of who he is. Stan lee is the creator of Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, The Avengers, and many many more. Stan Lee is a legend in the world of Super Heroes. Be sure to check out everyone's booth, you might be surprised at what kind of stuff half of these people have worked on.

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