Nebraskon Cosplayer Detained by Police- Resident Evil Cosplay

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A fair warning to all cosplayers out there: Dont go to the bank with your weapon props! if you do then be prepared to have REAL guns pointed at you while police officers are slamming you down to the ground and slapping handcuffs on your wrists. This guy in Omaha Nebraska Experienced just that while attending Nebraskon.

Cosplayer Detained by Police

"Police detain a cosplayer after the "armed man" was seen running into a bank. Over the weekend the anime convention NebrasKon was held in Omaha, Nebraska. As with any anime convention the cosplaying community came out in force, but for one …"


 Many people that cosplay forget that props sometimes look real enough to scare people. specially when they dont deal with that kind of stuff on a daily basis they same way us cosplayers do. Our country has had many shootings recently, so remember that everyone is jumpy, or "on edge". Its as simple as leaving your weapon props inside your car, or better yet. if you are gonna go out for a while, just leave them inside your hotel room or wherever it is you are spending the night.

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