StarCraft’s Kerrigan Is The Queen Of Blades Cosplay

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When we hear the name Kerrigan one thing pop’s up on our mind “StarCraft” , Blizzard could never have done such a popular character than that of the voluptuous stealth cloaking, sniper shooting Heroine “Sarah Kerrigan”. During the First Chapters of the Game where she started out as a member of the Ghost Special Unit that handles assassination and infiltration. But in the end like every other Hero there is a time where they fall, as the story progresses she is captured by the insectoid race called Zerg Swarm and was absorb by the chrysalis and turned into a powerful Terran and Zerg hybrid, even after she was turned as the queen of blades working for the zerg. Fans just couldn’t help themselves but appreciate  how Her characters charisma and undeniable charm captivated us all.  Kerrigan being one of the major Characters in “StarCraft:  Broodwar”,  We see her as the Infected Kerrigan throughout the game when you play Campaign and after a few years Blizzard Finally released “Starcraft 2 : Wings of liberty” which offers a prelude to the story.


StarCraft’s Kerrigan Is The Queen Of Blades Cosplay

The standout piece of cosplay this week is the StarCraft Ghost photo you see above, by Jessica Dru. If you think it looks just like Kerrigan does on StarCraft II, that’s because Jessica actually got her hands on the official



Across the world Fans of the Starcraft Franchise have taken the challenge to cosplay  Sarah Kerrigan’s character, especially during the yearly event “ BlizzCon” in which Thousands of people flock together.  Blizzard itself sponsors the event to celebrate their most successful franchises and to introduces new features  as well as the new franchises for the next years to come. Cosplayers can choose one of the characters  either as the Infected Kerrigan we all knew or the captivating beauty of the Terran Ghost Specialist Sarah Kerrigan. One of the reasons would be the sleek look of her white suit fitted with Blue lights that  goes really well with her chestnut brown hair( the Ghost Op suit)  and the details of Zerg Infected bodysuit and make up (infected Kerrigan), creating such details and props for the costume would take an amount of skill to portray and a fair amount of budget. If you’d like to try Cosplaying her character you remember to type in  “show me the money (game money Cheat)”  and “ There is no cow level(instant win cheat) “  to get it done and Have Fun

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