Cosplay of the Day: Marceline the Vampire Queen

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One of the lead character in Adventure Time, Marceline, also known as “The Vampire Queen” is one of cosplayers  most favorite character to portray. Who could ever resist this cool and rocker vampire with her guitar. Marceline is more than a thousand year old vampire, who loves to travel and play pranks  on others with Finn, her good friend. She is actually a joker, but in spite of this she is emotional and usually expresses her feelings with music.  Marceline has become one of the famous character in Adventure Time as half demon and vampire who does not drink blood but eats whatever that is red.


Cosplay of the Day: Marceline the Vampire Queen
ScreenCrush, on Fri, 25 Jan 2013 05:42:08 -0800
“Claire is a cosplay enthusiast who lives in the US and decided to take her Marceline cosplay to the next level — rather than just focus on one Marceline costume, she put together several iterations from various episodes. There’s Marceline in a dress, …”

Marceline is susceptible to direct sunlight. During daytime she shielded herself with large hat, enough to cover her full body and sometimes wore arm length gloves. She has a feet long black silky hair and skin that is typically light blue-gray. Though she wore different attires on various episodes, cosplayers like to play her costume with a guitar and boots like cosplayer Claire. Finn and Fiona were also among their favorite character to cosplay with. If you have tank tops and tight ripped jeans as well as boots, of course do not forget to wear a big black wig, then you are ready to cosplay Marceline.

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