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Who would ever forget those dangerous and poisonous lips of Poison Ivy,  along with Harley Quinn’s pigtails and a few other female villains from the TV series and movies,  Batman.  There is no hiding that even Batman was seduced by these seductive and tempting women.  Ivy with her greatest power, The deadliest lips,  when they touched your lips you would die of poison. She called it the “poison  kiss”. Poison Ivy is killed by her own vines, Batgirl kicks her towards a flower bed and her vines hungrily wrapped her up and crushed her to death.  On the other hand, Harley Quinn was sidekick of Joker.  Ivy and Harley are teamed up together as Batman’s Villains.



Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Geek Cosplay – News – GeekTyrant


cosplay · Category Art Like on Facebook Tweet to Twitter Submit to Reddit. Here’s some great cosplay photos of Batman villlains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. The photos were taken by Jonathan Duran and the cosplay model

Ivy  and Harley were included on the top sexiest  women in comics list. No wonder lady cosplayers loved  portraying them. In a series, Ivy was seen with  leaves on her hair, green eye mask made of leaf, green swimsuits , tights and boots. Though she has worn different costumes in different series and on video games. Harley on the other hand, has worn a variety of costumes. Her character evolves from devious clown to being a gorgeous sidekick for The Joker. Her demeanor seems to be inspired by Ivy.  Cosplayer Florencia Muir, is one of those Ivy and Harley Cosplay fanatics That likes to work with seductive and sexy costumes she specially likes going for the villainy look.

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