Beautiful Batgirl Cosplay

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Batman has been successful on his endeavors with the help of Batgirl.  Barbara Gordon is a computer expert and works at Gotham City Public Library. Different versions of Batgirl’s character have been created way back in 1950’s, she was created as a love interest of Batman. She does not have special powers but rather relies on her gadgets for which she remains unique from other female TV series characters. Bette Kane was considered as the first Batgirl for the television series and replaced by Barbara Gordon during 1960’s. Batman and Batgirl became a dynamic team along with Robin. Although it took her sometime to discover the real identity of Batman and Robin, they became really good team defeating Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.


Beautiful Batgirl Cosplay

As far as superhero costumes go, Batgirl’s spandex seems straightforward. It only has a couple of colors and simple lines (maybe not from a seamstress’ point of view). That said, I don’t see a ton of Batgirl costumes at


Batgirl’s costume has also undergone different changes in the different versions of the series. Barbara wore almost the same body suit like Batman but darker. She uses the yellow accent cowl with small triangles under the eyes. Her belt has a larger buckle compared to Batman and the yellow bat is stretched across her upper chest. In the Batman Crossover, she wore full body suit with gold outlined bat symbol on her upper chest and yellow utility belt around her waist, which looks like a shadow. The latest suit is almost the same but with a purple cape. Batgirl is on the lists of favorites for cosplayers since they can play with the different costumes. With the rise of technology they can easily accessorize or even choose distinct fabric for the costume.

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