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Rouge cosplay

How would you feel if you were touched and all your energy, skills, talents and even memory were absorbed? Well, better cover yourself so as not to reveal your skin and prevent skin contact with Ana Marie. She is also known as Rogue in the series X-Men. Rogue was rebellious during her childhood years and ran away from her aunt and father. When Mystic found her, she was brought to the villain group which is known as the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants”. Because she always ran away, she was named Rouge.  She accidentally discovered her power when she had an encounter with Ms. Marvel and Kree, in which she Temporarily absorbed their abilities. Though she was born a mutant, she hated her power very much and looks at it as a curse. With this, she reformed and joined the X-Men  mutants. Looking for help in controlling her power, Rogue went to Charles Xavier along with the X-Men which took some time to gain their trust. However, Rogue proved herself worthy to be in the group when she went on a battle led by Storm in search for Destiny Diaries which is believed to prophesize events in the future. This was not an easy battle for her as she almost died but in the end she successfully completed the mission.



X-Men Cosplay

X-Men Cosplay costume





X-Men Cosplay

x-men cosplaying

Reynie Cosplay – Rogue | Cosplay Nation

Rogue is always a popular character to cosplay as and Reynie Cosplay certainly shows why the character is so popular with her brilliant cosplay. Based upon the character from the X-Men Evolution animated series, she does


Rouge has shown her different personalities just like her power, it is not only the abilities and skills she can absorb but also the emotions. Her appearance  would depend on her mood. Cosplayers love portraying her in various costumes. Like when she was still a part of the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants”, she wore green body suit, gloves and a combination of green and white hood with a streak of white in her hair. When she joined the X-Men group, she had worn varieties of costumes but mostly in sporty look and had shoulder length hair. In the X-Treme X-Men, she dressed like the team in a whole body suit with red and blue along with a jacket. From the X-Men legacy, she was seen in miniskirt or sometimes body suits,  opera gloves, boots and green hood. Rouge is one of the X-Men characters cosplayers loves to portray like  Reynie who demonstrated Rogue’s character in different wigs and costumes. Although Rogue has worn different attire in the series, the hood and the signature white streak on her hair would be the most popular.


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