Championship day at the 11th World Cosplay Summit 【Photos】 – ROCKETNEWS24

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Cosplay has gained popularity these last couple of years. More and more people have been attending anime conventions in cosplay and the contests held in them have some of the best cosplayers competing. So I guess it shouldnt be so much of a surprise that a Worldwide contest is held to see who is the best cosplayer in the entire world. The World cosplay Summit was held in Japan this year and featured many different characters portrayed by cosplayers from all around the world. We have decided to show you the best photos we could find of the championship day.

world cosplay summit

Championship day at the 11th World Cosplay Summit 【Photos】 – ROCKETNEWS24

"Championship day at the 11th World Cosplay Summit 【Photos】ROCKETNEWS24On Saturday, July 3, in Nagoya, Japan, the WCS held its highly anticipated championship finals, wherein 20 teams of cosplayers from countries around the world competed for prizes and the prestige of being named World Cosplay Champions. This year, for …and more »"


 The World Cosplay Summit was started in 2003 to give cosplayers from around the world, a chance to show off their costuming skills. Ever since then, WCS has grown into a worldwide phenomenom that attracts all sorts of people, sometimes even government officials are seen enjoying the exhibitions, panels and the parade, which was started in 2006 and has now become one of the main attractions at the world cosplay summit. This year was the first year ever that the united states has taken 2nd place in the finals, second only to Italy, which has taken first place three years in a row. I guess we can all agree that Italy knows a thing or 2 about cosplay.

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